Life has given men and women the feeling is like this

6. února 2012 v 8:11 | Ella
Life has given men and women the feeling is like this, all appear to is slow, stationary, but suddenly, you might find out that you simply have been, in this era, or say, is the fact that damn environment enveloped the li in a day, suddenly appear back, JiuJing nonetheless old, but that all but has been much transformed.

I don't choose to go to as time passed quickly, for the reason that I did not desire to face the passage of time on my physique left by the trace. There's a tiny bird, it was born have no feet, kept fly, fly tired sleep within the wind, lifetime can only uncover a way, and that is definitely it die. Sometimes I also would like to cease to rest, but I have already like a turn up, he can't stop, gyro.

Besides fighting, is my mission, no matter whether an individual, there are actually still fighting the old just isn't playing with, I have been used to set aside the wound of the taste of blood and, for me, what all not honor important. Remember the past, I had over a single close to death. I've one lonely fall in barren land of wild boar camp, taking a look at the tough body from the heat in the shout out of disdain watched my physique so far away.

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