The Golden Rule to Kill a Ranger

19. července 2012 v 3:55

Bring dresses wizard, but if you feel too vulnerable to make a good footwork of the plate as. Plate Legs do not penalize your magic attacks as much as helmets or body plate, but be sure to teleport fast enough or you can lose in the game with runescape gold . You can take along as a shield, but remember they penalize your magic attacks. Bring a staff of fire because fire spells are generally the most powerful, and the staff will cut the need to buy a lot of chaos Runes. Take fire and air runes and some runes to Teleport, cast Bind and Curse. Air runes are easy to make, and Chaos Runes will respawn in the wilderness.

Also, bring food decent, and possibly a Wizards mind Bomb. The golden rule to kill a Ranger with a Mage is that if you can hit them, they can hit you. But, the longer the distance between you and your enemy, the better chance you have of winning. So, keep a long distance and the mage as fast as you can. Do not forget to set the fate that your default attacks so you can quickly engage. Do not use your attack spells high until the last level, when you are sure you can finish him.

Rather than using your expensive (and heavy! )#) Set armor plate, put some leather armor instead. It provides an excellent defense against magic, easy to manufacture, less expensive to purchase, and it also weighs less so you can run for longer periods of time and rs gold . You must also provide a shield against dragon breath, or a timber that returns just north of Varrock. Weapons: The best bet to defeat a mage would be to use a Mithril Scimitar or an Adamantite Long Sword (better metal is good too! )#), Because they have fast attack speeds and a good amount of damage.


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